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Sela kickstarts computer vision R&D efforts

Over January and February 2019, the Sela team officially kickstarted its computer vision efforts by hosting two MIT Interns, Myra Ahmad’19 and Jeba Sania ‘20, at Hatch in Geneva. They both worked under the supervision of our CTO, Hassan Kané.

Myra Ahmad worked on the topic of rural area monitoring by working on computer vision techniques to identify effects of oil pollution on the vegetation and water.

Jeba Sania worked on deep learning techniques to identify roads and buildings on high resolution satellite imagery.

During their internship, they also contributed to building relationships with partner institutions with which Sela wants to do research. More specifically, by helping to write a Google AI for Social Good grant, meet with stakeholders from Human Rights Watch and UNICEF, Jeba and Myra led efforts to put Sela at the cutting edge of impact measurement and computer vision.

Next steps for the Sela team includes leveraging the early work done by the interns to close partnerships with stakeholders including UNICEF Innovation, ETH Zurich, IDIAP, Human Rights Watch and Google AI.