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Sela Web Platform Beta is live

After months of work and scaling the engineering team from 2 to 6 , the Sela team is delighted to announce the release of the beta version of our platform.

It enables:

- Onboarding of impact investors allowing them to select their SDG-related investment criteria

- Onboarding of contractor

- Onboarding of evaluation agents

- Creation of projects and ability to review/add tasks, transactions along with uploaded evidence

The biggest difference between the Beta and the MVP dashboard is the addition of :

-SDG-related tags for projects and investors

-Transaction and document viewer

-Analytics dashboard

-ID card for agents of the platform

-Stakeholders view

Play around it and we'd love your feedback. We're constantly improving it !

The next step for us is to keep working on the mobile version of the platform, integrate conditional funding as part of the process !

We have 2 big commercial use cases for Q1-Q2 2019 that we're preparing for and building this portal with feedback from early customers is a crucial part of the process.

The journey continues, stay tuned for more updates, learning and insights !

For reference, the public web portal can be accessed here: https://sela-test.now.sh/